TERRASource DIY Geothermal

TERRASource DIY geothermal heat pumps tap into stable underground thermal temperatures for home heating and cooling

According to the EPA, TERRASource DIY geothermal systems can save 40 percent to 70 percent on home-heating and 30 percent to 50 percent on home-cooling costs over conventional systems.

TERRASource provides year-round efficient heating and cooling for your home/office by using the earth as a heat source during the winter, and conversely as a cooling source during the summer months.  TERRASource DIY geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the moderate temperatures in the ground to “boost” efficiency — but more importantly — reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Not only does TERRASource offer you a pre-engineered DIY geothermal system package, but we also offer financing and financial incentive support.  But we don’t just stop here, TERRASource also provides you with Financial Incentive support.

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GOOD TO KNOW: TERRASource DIY Geothermal Heat Pumps are performance- certified to ARI ISO 13256-1 standards, ETL listed and are ENERGYSTAR® qualified.

TERRASource Top Advantages

  • TERRASource DIY Equals BIG Savings
  • Pre-Engineered Systems
  • Financial Incentive Support
  • No Specialized Equipment
  • Easy Troubleshooting
  • Kits are Complete
  • Superior Operating Efficiencies
  • Avoid Catastrophic Down-time
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Highly Customizable
  • Fully Scalable

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Geothermal Heat Pump Cost

Surveys taken by utility companies have found that homeowners using geothermal heat pumps rate them highly when compared to conventional systems. Figures indicate that more than 95 percent of all geothermal heat pump owners would recommend a similar system to their friends and family.

You can check out our pricing page to see how our DIY geothermal heat pump costs are all inclusive and industry-best.

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