Geothermal Heat Pump Costs

TERRASource DIY geothermal pricing table highlights what you will get when you purchase a TERRASource DIY geothermal system. The prices you see here are all inclusive, meaning you will get a fully functional, professional-grade TERRASource DIY geothermal system with components that are typically sold separately.

Home Size by Sq. Ft.
1500-1800 Sq.Ft 3 Ton
1801-2500 Sq.Ft 4 Ton
2501-3000 Sq.Ft 5 Ton
3001-5000 Sq.Ft 6 Ton
Legend: Single Stage | Dual Stage Columns
Single Stage $5,500 | Dual Stage $8,500
Single Stage $6,500 | Dual Stage $10,000
Single Stage $75,500 | Dual Stage $11,000
Single Stage $8,500 | Dual Stage $12,000
Guaranteed Lowest Industry Pricing - TERRASource will match any competitor price on a comparable system.
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How is TERRASource able to offer industry-best pricing?

Many of our competitors do not sell you a ready-to-install geothermal system like we do. Your TERRASource DIY geothermal systems is pre-fabricated by professional engineers that have done thousands of systems. When you’re pricing out a geothermal system, you’ll most likely be dealing with a local technician that has minimal field experience. Local installers actually fabricate and engineer your loop/system on site. This is a time consuming process that requires special tools and equipment, resulting in final invoice estimates 30% or more when compared to TERRASource.

* If your property is over 5,000 Sq. Ft., we will need to gather additional information. Simply click the “Get Started” button and a TERRASource technician will contact you.

** Prices shown are approximate estimates and could change up or down based on location, soil and home insulation properties. Click here to get a formal proposal or call 24 hours to speak to one of our live representatives.

*** Prices reflect single unit supply/install.

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