Geothermal DIY

TERRASource offers a pre-engineered DIY (Do-It-Yourself) geothermal system package that provides year-round efficient heating and cooling for your home or office.  Our system is color coded and labeled to eliminate any guess work.

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TERRASource offers a unique ground loop system that you will only find with Geothermal DIY or a TERRASource Distributor. Our ground loops come pre-filled with antifreeze and equipped with quick connect fittings which enables the consumer to bury the loops according to the specifications provided (i.e. trench length, width and spacing). Each loop has quick-connect fittings and manual shut off valves that slide onto manifold ports. Just add water, and the antifreeze will mix throughout the loop field while it purges the air from the system.

The manifold is equipped with an 8’ 110 volt power cord and a 25’ colored micro plug control wire that plugs directly into the heat pump. We provide everything you need except for the digging and duct work, pre wired for a “plug and play” installation. There no special tools to purchase for the installation of a TERRASource geothermal system.

TERRASource Geothermal DIY kits are designed to work with what is known as a closed horizontal loop configuration (learn about loop configurations). A closed loop configuration can be a horizontally straight which consists of 600ft to 750ft runs, a slinky loop which consists of runs of 125 to 135ft or a pond loop which is normally the most efficient and least costly way to go (but keep in mind if a pond loop is something you are considering the pond must be at least 10ft deep and the same size as the dwelling you are trying to heat and cool). If a vertical configuration is your only option TERRASource can supply you with the equipment needed.

Once your TERRASource geothermal system has been installed, in most cases’ you can see the savings immediately. For example . if your average heating and cooling cost are $7000.00 annually you could save up too an estimated $4200.00 dollars per year. This doesn’t include the estimated 30% saved annually on your domestic water heating or the $400 dollar rebate offered by the Energy star program, nor any additional renewable energy incentives offered by the federal government.

With the rising cost of propane the payback is definitely worth the upfront cost and by choosing the TERRASource Geothermal DIY kit you will eliminate the cost of installation.  Its basic “plug-n-play” plumbing and wiring connections makes a TERRASource DIY Kit an obvious affordable choice for those looking to champion their own geothermal needs.

For more information regarding geothermal heating and cooling and doing it yourself you can click the link below.

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